The necessary evolution our business has been through, driven by the needs of our clients,
is characterised by the following:

  • Embedding a client-centric purpose in everything we do
  • Taking a holistic, balanced approach when advising clients
  • Prioritising governance, integrity, and fair play across all facets of our business
  • Focusing on the creation of real and enduring performance

A willingness to adapt and serve is one thing; implementation is entirely another.
This is why we’ve built a team that blends diversity and experience to create excellence.

Our History

Consilium has operated for 30 years. We have provided you with a graphic journey to show you the experience and learnings taken from the road we have travelled. At the end of the day, this journey has resulted in an opportunity to have learned our lessons and has placed us in a position to create a much simpler business that serve our clients and our stakeholders. We are using all the different skills that we have to help you on your financial journey. We have come full circle and we are creating a manifesto.


as an integrated Financial Service Provider on the JSE corporate membership platform.

2006 - 2008

4M Traders (Pty) Ltd stock-brokers


global investment strategy


the company by separating core asset management activities from those of stockbroking

2013 - 2015

the employee share manager scheme offering


the structured products offering


an internal IT platform for superior service


the employee share manager business


the company for: scale, growth & sustainability.


on platforms and networks - Glacier, Hollard, Momentum, Investec and PSG


We are committed as a diversified culture to international invest limited products.

Our Team

Investing is a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary profession.
To be successful, the responsible investment team must house a variety of skills and hold a diversity of views.
Most importantly, perhaps, every individual must feel free to express themselves in line with what they believe.

It’s only through empowering our employees that diversity becomes a powerful force in constructing robust investment solutions filled with potential.

Creating a culture of this kind is not easy and we don’t pretend to have it all figured out. But we know it’s what we want, and we’re working every day to make it a reality.

This way, we’ll get the most out of our people, in terms of the performance they deliver and the customer service they give you as our valued client.

Mark Sonik

“I care about purpose. In many ways, I believe that I exist to make a difference both in my field and in my country – via authentic relationships, the sharing of meaningful values, discipline, and focus. Relentlessly curious, I'm able to leverage my investment skills, my expertise as a director, my capability as a trouble-shooter, and my many years of experience in managing hedge funds and long-only funds - both macro- and equity-centric.”

Mark’s career as an investment professional spans well over 30 years.

He successfully founded and has led a number of regulated companies in South Africa and the UK, many of which are included in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, international mutual funds and global asset management companies.

He serves as CIO of PM Mutual Fund Limited and is proud to hold a number of executive and non-executive directorships, on boards including those of Consilium Capital SA, Capital Link Partners, Mahlako-a-Phala Financial Services and SPICA Asset Management.

Mark holds a degree in Economics and is a member of the Investment Analysts Society of Southern Africa, the Southern African Institute of Directors, and the South African Institute of Stockbrokers.

Xolani Matthew Nhlapo

Cross-pollination is the practice of using hard-won knowledge from multiple disciplines and sources to uncover opportunity and solve problems.

Those who wield its power are better able to synthesise data into insightful information, making it one of the most valuable tools in investing and in business.

It is also why Xolani Nhlapo is the CEO of Consilium Capital.

Xolani’s career began on a steep learning curve: trading financial instruments on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He’s still on that curve – albeit much, much further along.

Adding to his equity and derivative trading skills, Xolani went on to gain experience across a wide range of disciplines including equity valuations; structured commodity finance; and private equity deal origination, capital raising, and due diligence processes.

His varied and deep skillset naturally drew him into leadership positions.

Xolani has managed companies in distress, implemented turnaround strategies, and engaged with several industry-related regulators along the way. Business development? Multiple directorships? Chief investment officer? Yes, those too.

He holds a long list of financial services-related qualifications, topped by the ultra-demanding CFA designation.

However, Xolani’s love of learning is best demonstrated by his favourite pastime – birding. This is a hobby rich in nuance.

What matters to Xolani? The pursuit of health, education, and wealth - all virtues he dreams of taking back to his hometown in Kwa Thema. And, to further broaden his already substantial horizons, Xolani wants to visit every country on the African continent.

William Ofosu

William’s investment career spans a period of over 19 years. His career started at UBS Investment Bank within the Proprietary Trading and Investment Desk Division and his team managed an Equity Portfolio of over R3bn. He was later promoted to lead the South African division of UBS Investment Bank’s Proprietary Trading and Market Making Team, a position he held for 5 years.

He later joined JP Morgan to take up an equivalent position, as the Head of Trading in SA, managing an Equity Investment Portfolio that exceeded R1.5bn at times and had exposure to both spot and derivative markets.

He was a partner at Langa Group, a principal private equity firm for a period of 4 years. During this period, he was involved in a few big transactions including, Consol and Total SA.

His last banking stint was at BNP Paribas where he guided the organization in the set up their South African Trading operations before embarking on a quest to establish himself as a Hedge Fund Manager.

He spent the last 3 years co-managing Alternative Funds, namely, Multi Strategy Fund and Aggressive Multi Strategy Fund. His strength stems from a deeper understanding of risk and its cross-asset dynamics, which assists in the optimization of risk elements to generate alpha.

Chad Germanus

The business of investing is high-stakes.

You’re entrusted with looking after the hard-earned savings of other people, which ties their future prosperity to your actions. This demands not only the rare ability to generate consistently good investment returns, but also a fanatical focus on the pieces that must fall into place to make those returns a possibility.

Chad Germanus delivers that focus for Consilium Capital.

With 26 years of experience in financial management and compliance, alongside various accounting qualifications, Chad knows what it takes to run a business that crosses its t’s and dots its i’s.

Solid business ‘bones’ are central to a successful investment firm, because these give investors the peace of mind that their money is looked after with similar dexterity. This underscores Chad’s purpose, which is “to ensure that our clients’ assets are safe and that they feel confident about the business’s ability to manage their money professionally”.

In addition, the investment industry is heavily regulated, which means that even the best investment minds cannot flourish without the support of strong financial and compliance functions.

Chad is a family man who counts the future success of his children as one of his greatest ambitions. He also makes time for the pleasures of golf, football, and the building of motor vehicles.

What does he value in others? Honesty and commitment. And if he wants to be remembered for anything, it’s his dependability.

Hethe-Mari Moolman

Personal integrity is sacred in the world of investing.

It’s all very well writing a set of corporate values. But it’s the people in your business that determine its culture. And when you have senior employees who don’t compromise on their moral code, this sets a higher bar for everyone else.

At Consilium Capital, Hethe-Mari Moolman is one of those people.

Hethe-Mari has practised as a CA(SA) for 15 years. Her job titles span Group Accountant, Financial Manager, and Financial Director – let’s just say she knows her way around the finance department.

She’s also an entrepreneur. Moolman & Kie was founded in 2016, offering a wide range of financial services. This is just another reason why we prize Hethe-Mari’s counsel: she knows what it takes to run a business, which means that her sage advice is always framed with the bigger picture in mind.

Hethe-Mari’s guiding light? To live a well-balanced life.

While she prides herself on working with a relentless passion, she knows that living with empathy and kindness is equally powerful and necessary. We have little doubt that this is a winning philosophy – in fact, we think it’s rubbed off on us during our decade-long relationship.

Travel and reading are Hethe-Mari’s preferred pastimes, two hobbies that build exactly the kind of character we want at Consilium Capital.

Similo Dingile

The life of an investment professional is often perceived as glamourous.

Take Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street), for example. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that life & But the reality is that successful investors must work exceptionally hard to make an honest living. And even then, the market may move against them.

Because ours is a profession reserved for people with a genuine love of investing, you’ll get flushed out if you don’t. We think Similo Dingile has what it takes.

After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Wits, Similo spent two years at Eskom. But he’d already started buying and selling shares in his spare time. With the curiosity so common to engineers, he completed a Master of Management in Finance and Investment, to better his understanding of investing.

In 2015, Similo was selected to join the team at Sanlam Alternative Investments as part of its graduate program. His time there included a six-month secondment with Blue Ink, a respected hedge fund of funds manager. Then, during 2017/2018, he immersed himself in both domestic and US equity analysis at a boutique asset manager, Praesidium Capital – where he also found the time to develop trading and investing algorithms and to study towards becoming a CFA Chartholder.

Similo’s actions speak volumes about his love of investing; he’s no pretender.

Similo also enjoys road-tripping, hiking and keeping fit.
What matters to him? Health and happiness.
And his greatest strength? A love of learning;
truly an essential trait for any investor worth their salt.

Kamogelo Maishoane

Kamogelo Maishoane started as a graduate trainee. She has over 2 years of experience in portfolio analysis and is currently an Investment Analyst. She holds a Bachelors in Management and Organizational Psychology from Rhodes University and a Honours in Financial Management from Rhodes University.

She spent 5 months working for Liberty Corporate as a Quotes Administrator.
She is currently an associate with Capital Link Partners.

Our Service Providers

In so many facets of our lives, success rests on who, rather than what, you know. The world of investing is no different.

For more than two decades, Consilium Capital has nurtured relationships with specialist third party service providers.
These partnerships allow us to offer advice across a broad spectrum of financial services, yielding more comprehensive and prosperous solutions for our clients.

From Hong Kong to London, Luxemborg to Shanghai, Mauritius to the Cayman Islands, and in our base, South Africa, Consilium Capital has the established industry networks to offer world-class insights – relating to law, wealth management, trading and banking.


Your trust is central to the success of our business. It means we must take only those actions that are in your best interests.

While we believe rules on their own are not enough to ensure this outcome, we take very seriously the need to remain compliant with the regulations of our industry.

Consilium fully adheres to:

  • The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, no 37 of 2002;
  • The Collective Investments Scheme Control Act, no 45 of 2002;
  • Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012
  • The Promotion of Access to Information Act, no 2 of 2000;
  • The Financial Intelligence Centre Act, no 38 of 2001; and
  • Our own internal rules of compliance and internal code of ethics.

Licences and memberships:

  • Consilium Capital is an authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP Number: 5654).
  • A number of our Key Persons hold membership of the Instute of Stockbrokers.
  • Sonset Nominees, a nominee directed by our Directors who remain on the Board, is an approved nominee company in terms of the Equity Rules.